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The Importance of Testing and Tagging

The Importance of Testing and Tagging | Electrician | Gold Coast | Sparkies Electrica

Electricity is a power source that we use of a daily basis, but it is also something that we need to respect; with great power, comes great responsibility. But seriously, when power and electricity are involved it is important that all appliances are regularly maintained and in good working order to avoid injury or worse.

What is testing and tagging?

Testing and tagging is when a qualified electrician carries out testing on portable electrical appliances and applies a tag to confirm the testing has been undertaken and shows when the next test and tag is due.

Testing and tagging by your local electrician

Whilst a quick visual inspection can usually pick up an obvious fault, it’s important to get all your portable appliances tested and tagged by a qualified electrician to ensure the safety of employees, clients and guests to your workplace.

Testing and tagging is mandatory according to AS/NZS3760:2010 in-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment.

Testing and tagging is a mandatory requirement for all your electrical appliances in the workplace, but how often is dictated by your industry. Testing and tagging also varies according to the specific electrical equipment being used, don’t worry your local electrician at Sparkies Electrical on the Gold Coast will be able to advise you.

Below is a quick guideline as to how often you need to test and tag your equipment.

Industry Frequency
Construction work Every 3 months
Manufacturing industry if equipment is double insulated Every 12 months
Manufacturing industry if equipment is not double insulated Every 6 months
Service industry Every 12 months
Offices Every 5 years

Why do I need to test and tag my equipment?

  • Firstly, it is against the law not to test and tag your equipment, so in the interests of being compliant you will need to test and tag all your portable electronic appliances.
  • It will help you identify potential electrical risks. If you know something is faulty ahead of time, not only can you have it repaired, but you can possibly prevent it from causing damage.
  • Testing your equipment can identify damage to cords, plugs and wiring insulation, so you can ensure the personal safety of your staff by removing these appliances from the workplace.

If in doubt, talk to your local electrician on the Gold Coast

To keep your workplace compliant and safe, ensure you test and tag your portable appliances. If in doubt about an appliance, why not call your friendly electrician at Sparkies Electrical on the Gold Coast.

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