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5 Benefits of Solar Installation

  • Dec 5 , 2018
5 Benefits of Solar Installation | Electrician | Gold Coast | Sparkies Electrica
Living on the Gold Coast we are blessed with plenty of sunshine that it makes sense for us to embrace solar power. Powering your business or home with solar energy has a lot of benefits, and at Sparkies Electrical on the Gold Coast we have listed just a few of the many perks. We have to hand do

5 Signs That Your Hot Water System Needs Repairing

  • Nov 5 , 2018
5 Signs That Your Hot Water System Needs Repairing | Electrician | Gold Coast | Sparkies Electrica
When you are looking for signs that you need to replace your hot water system, the most uncomfortable and noticeable one is when mid-shower the water all of a sudden runs icy cold, even in the throws of summer it can be a shock to the system. Your hot water system might give you some warning sign

Common electricity problems around the household

  • Feb 15 , 2018
Let’s face it. The world as we know it today is standing largely on electricity. Almost everything we do these days on a daily basis require electricity and electrical appliances. However, this marvel of the modern world does come with a few minor inconveniences, especially if mishandled. This blo

Why DIY Electrical is a bad idea

  • Feb 5 , 2018
Sometimes, the willingness and ability to do your own work is great and commendable, but other times, not so much. For example, having a go at doing your own electrical work is a truly terrible idea if you do not have the appropriate qualifications. It is illegal It is actually against the law to

Holiday electrical safety tips

  • Jan 15 , 2018
So you’re finally off to that vacation that you’ve craved for a long time. Or, you have to be away for work purposes for a significant amount of time. Either way, your house will be left unsupervised for a few days. It goes without saying, but so will your electrical appliances. Sparkies Electri

Things to consider while wiring your new home

  • Jan 5 , 2018
When building a new home, the home owner has to be aware of many things. But perhaps, one of the most important thing you need to keep in mind while building a new house is the electrical wiring. The Sparkies Electrical team has put together a list of tips that pro electricians suggest sticking with

All you need to know about fault finding

  • Dec 15 , 2017
Have you been noticing small electrical hiccups around your home lately? Like maybe the bulbs are burning out too soon, or you’re hearing a few “zapping” sounds whenever you plug something in. Perhaps your circuit breakers are tripping too frequently, you’re getting a few shocks here and the

What type of air conditioning do you need?

  • Dec 5 , 2017
With summer on its way, you may be looking to install an air conditioner in your home or office. With two types of ACs available, namely the window type and split type, you may face a dilemma regarding the type of AC to buy. Here are some of differences that may help you decide: The Split AC Th

What type of water heater is perfect for you?

  • Nov 15 , 2017
A home without a water heater is hard to imagine in today's world. Water heaters have become a 'necessary luxury' nowadays. But trying to decide which one is right for you might put you in a dilemma - there are so many things to consider. So this blog is meant to save you from all the trouble and wi

Dos and Don’ts of cleaning appliances

  • Nov 5 , 2017
Cleaning your electronic appliances can be a bit of a hassle, but it's a regular part of your life and we all know how much better we feel with our everyday objects being in constant use. Here is a list of things to do, or to avoid, when cleaning these appliances. Switches Spray regular cleaner or

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