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Why call Sparkies Electrical in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast?

Queenslanders have been spending more and more time at home due to the global pandemic, and many people have decided that if they are going to spend time at home they might as well enjoy it – hence the influx of renovations on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Call your Local Brisbane and Gold Coast E

Sparkies Electrical in Benowa on the Gold Coast is your friendly, local electrician

Hi, I am Barry, and I am your friendly, local electrician; me and my team are at your service for all residential and commercial electrical needs. Starting Sparkies Electrical, I serviced Benowa and the wider Gold Coast, and my aim was to always provide a high standard of work and good old-fashio

Happy New Year from the team at Sparkies Electrical

Happy New Year from the team at Sparkies Electrical
As we say goodbye and good riddance to 2020 and we welcome in the New Year it is a great time to make resolutions and act. Often those jobs that you put off can become much bigger jobs over time, so why not resolve to make 2021 the year of taking action. New Year – Call your Local Electrician

How can you save money and the planet all at the same time?

Since Covid hit we have spent more time at home than ever before, and that means higher electricity bills. Whilst the government has contributed towards the cost of many household’s electrical bills in the last 6 months, going forward it pays to be vigilant when it comes to power consumption. Tip

Safety tips from your local Gold Coast electrician

Protect yourself and your family by taking the time to do a check around your home for electrical hazards. The most common hazards are typically found in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. Electrical safety around the home Electricity is everywhere around the home. Here’s some simple hazar

Merry Christmas from the Gold Coast team at Sparkies Electrical

If you’re fed up with the usual Christmas cracker jokes, here’s some we found, to keep you amused. What nationality is Santa Claus? North Polish What do you call a blind reindeer? I have no eye deer What’s the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the ordinary alphabet? The

4 Things you should know if you’re considering getting solar panels

4 Things you should know if you’re considering getting solar panels
Are you considering putting solar panels on your home? With so much of the year sunny, it’s no wonder solar panels are so popular with Gold Coast homeowners. For most people, solar is an excellent investment, but there are some things you should consider when doing your research. Starting

Why have USB PowerPoints installed in the home

In an era where technology is constantly changing and evolving, and we have an app for everything, it’s no surprise that we are fighting for the power point. Many homes, especially older homes, aren’t set up to deal with the demands for modern technology. With the need to have our smart phone

How can lower my electricity bill?

Whilst we usually take it for granted, electricity makes everyday life run much smoother; from the shower you take in the morning, to the kettle you boil to make your morning coffee, or the lights you turn on around your house, they are all powered by electricity. Whilst we love using electricity

Tips for electrical safety with children

It is our belief at Sparkies Electrical that children should be raised to respect electricity and be aware of the dangers. Whilst we want to teach our children safe practices, sometimes its easy to forget the things we do as second nature. So here are a few safety tips for children when it comes

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