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5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Home from Theft

5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Home from Theft | Electrician | Gold Coast | Sparkies Electrica

Having your home broken into can be quite traumatic; it can make you feel unsafe and vulnerable. When it comes to theft many reported instances are crimes of opportunity. Why make it easy for a burglar to break in when you can follow a few simple rules to help protect your home.

  1. It might sound simple but lock your windows and doors. Leaving your door open is the equivalent of rolling out the welcome mat for a thief. Hiding your house key under the mat or the plant pot by the door is also not advisable. Talk to your locksmith about locking solutions that can be used in place of leaving yourself open to theft.
  2. Burglars love the anonymity and protection that the cloak of darkness brings. But what if there was a way to place the spotlight firmly on a burglar? There is! Sensor lights are a cheap and effective to protect your home. When a burglar tries to access your property the sensor light will go off, and no thief wants an audience. Ask your local electrician at Sparkies Electrical on the Gold Coast for any sensor light installations, we can assess where to place them to help keep you and your family safe.
  3. If you’ve just moved into a home, it might be an idea to change the locks. Keys are easily copied, and if you can’t be sure about who has access to your keys play it safe and get new locks installed.
  4. Get a dog! Man’s best friend is the perfect guard dog. A barking dog is enough to scare off any opportunistic thief, even if their bark is worse than their bite.
  5. A home security system can provide you with peace of mind. A burglar with any sense would steer clear of any home alarm system, especially when there are so many homes that don’t have them. The electricians at Sparkies Electrical can advise on and install a home security system that will not only provide peace of mind, but a real deterrent for burglars.

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If you are looking for added protection in your home, why not talk to your trusted electrician at Sparkies Electrical on the Gold Coast. We can advice on a range of measures that can be taken and install them at your convenience. The owner of Sparkies Electrical, Barry, has a family, and he knows how important it is to keep them safe.

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