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5 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

5 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips | Electrician | Gold Coast | Sparkies Electrica

When the hot weather comes your air conditioning unit can provide some much-needed relief from the sweltering heat, and during those cold winters morning a split system can help take the edge off the cool air. The saying, look after something and it will look after you is very true when it comes to your trusty air conditioning unit.

The air filters in your air conditioning units are designed to catch dirt and dust, if it’s not cleaned properly you could be exposing you and your family to unclean air and you risk clogging up your air conditioning unit, leading to costly repairs or a replacement.

When you’re doing a spring clean, why not put your air conditioning unit on the list and give it a thorough clean at least once or twice a year.

Your friendly local electrician recommends the following:

  1. The filter in your air conditioning unit will capture any dust and dirt in the air, so you can breathe easy. However, if you fail to clean your filters your air conditioning unit will need to work harder to push the air out, pushing up costs, whilst also pushing out dirty air. By removing your filter every few weeks and vacuuming it you will see it can make a big difference to the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. If the filters are especially dirty, soak them in warm soapy water, allow to dry and then replace.
  2. The louvres that direct the air in your home or business can become dirty very quickly and look unsightly. By wiping them with a damp cloth you can remove the excess dirt easily.
  3. Don’t forget your outside unit, remove any dirt and debris, wipe it over and remove any leaves.
  4. Whilst we don’t advise you take your air conditioner apart, the more panels you remove for cleaning, the deeper and more thorough the clean. By getting a professional in to clean your air conditioning unit you can tick it off your to do list and ensure that it is done to the highest standards.
  5. To keep your air conditioning unit in working condition why not talk to Barry from Sparkies Electrical on the Gold Coast and we can do a routine maintenance check. Book us in ad hoc, or schedule in routine check-ups, we are always here to assist you.

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Your air conditioner works hard for you and with a little TLC it can last for many years to come. Call your electrician, Barry from Sparkies Electrical on the Gold Coast, and book your air conditioning unit in for routine maintenance and tick it off your to-do list for good.

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