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Why have USB PowerPoints installed in the home

In an era where technology is constantly changing and evolving, and we have an app for everything, it’s no surprise that we are fighting for the power point.

Many homes, especially older homes, aren’t set up to deal with the demands for modern technology. With the need to have our smart phones, smart watches, laptops and other accessories constantly charged, it’s no wonder we’re over loading power boards.

So, why have USB ports installed in the home?

We have a few reasons why a USB port is a handy addition to any home.

  • A USB power point will charge your phones, tablets and other devices quicker than a standard charger. If you can charge your devices quickly, it means the household doesn’t have to fight over the power points as much
  • Big bulky chargers take up a lot of room and often hog the power point, with a USB port there isn’t any need for that big, bulky charger.
  • Due to the demand for technology we are constantly charging our devices which means more and more people are using power boards; overloading power boards can be dangerous. Install a USB power point and enjoy a fast and safe way to charge your devices.
  • A dedicated charging station looks neater and more organised than lots of bulky chargers.

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