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Why call Sparkies Electrical in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast?

Queenslanders have been spending more and more time at home due to the global pandemic, and many people have decided that if they are going to spend time at home they might as well enjoy it – hence the influx of renovations on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Call your Local Brisbane and Gold Coast Electrician

Sparkies Electrical are your local Gold Coast and Brisbane electricians, and we are here to help fix and/or jazz up your home and/or business.

Here are a few reasons you might need an electrician for your Gold Coast home.

The property market on the Gold Coast and Brisbane has gone crazy! Getting your home ready for sale can look different for many people; whether you just want to fix up some flickering lights, or you want to add Smart technology to your home, our team of electricians can help get your home ready for sale.

With pool installers being inundated by requests, there is no surprise there has been a flow on effect to the electricians at Sparkies Electrical on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. The team can help provide beautiful pool lighting to ensure your pool area has a beautiful ambiance, or some additional wall lighting to help light up the new and exciting feature in your garden.

Upgrading the lighting in your property can help provide a modern touch, but did you know that LED downlights can also save you money on your electricity bills in comparison to old halogen and fluorescent bulbs and tubes? By replacing old technology with LED lighting, you can save power, whilst also enjoying brighter lights. And if you love change, we have you covered. The lights have the are available in multiple colour temperatures, coloured lighting, and dimmable options.

Don’t sweat out the summer when you can add ceiling fans and/or air conditioning to your home and/or business.

Fan technology has come a long way, you can choose from a gentle breeze to fall asleep under or crank the fan up and enjoy a blast of fresh air. Fans can be AC, DC, Smart or wall controlled. Big, small, black, white, timber …… the options are plenty.

Air conditioning is a great way to cool your home and/or business in summer and add some heat in the winter. Control the elements and enjoy a consistently pleasant climate.

If the lights have gone out and you’re left in the dark, Sparkies Electrical can restore power to your Gold Coast or Brisbane home.

How can you add value to your Gold Coast or Brisbane home, save money on your electricity bills, all whilst reducing your carbon footprint? Add solar of course!

Upgrading your home to a Smart home not only adds value, it adds convenience, and let’s be honest it is pretty cool. Smart home technology is not new to the market, but a lot of customers don’t realise how it can enhance their lives.

Spotlights are a great way to prevent crimes of opportunity; adding a sensor light to your property can scare potential thieves from your home. You can add an extra-layer of security with a range of security cameras and alarms, all fit for your specific needs and budget by your trusted electrician.

Whether you want a new sound system, a TV on the wall, or you want surround sound in your home theatre, Sparkies Electrical can provide the best solution for all your audio and visual pleasure.

Do you need more data at home or at the office, or even the home office? Let Sparkies Electrical connect your Gold Coast or Brisbane property.

Whatever your electrical needs, call us for a free quote.

Sparkies Electrical has a team of electricians ready and waiting to attend to all your electrical needs in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Simply call our friendly team on 0418 414 997 for a fast and customised quote.

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