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Tips for electrical safety with children

It is our belief at Sparkies Electrical that children should be raised to respect electricity and be aware of the dangers.

Whilst we want to teach our children safe practices, sometimes its easy to forget the things we do as second nature. So here are a few safety tips for children when it comes to electrical safety.

  • Childproofing your home with plastic socket inserts into unused power points is a great way to ensure there is no temptation for children to stick their fingers in the socket.
  • Extension cords and power boards should be out of reach, and all unused sockets should be covered.
  • Put electrical appliances and technology out of reach of children.
  • Lead by example, always treat electricity with respect.
  • When children are a little older teach them never to place their fingers or objects into the electrical socket.
  • Keep metal objects away from toasters and teach children that metal and electricity do not mix.
  • Never use electrical items around water and teach your children that water and electricity are never to be combined.
  • Always pull a plug out by the plug and never by the cord.
  • Never fly kites by power lines.
  • Never allow children to climb trees near powerlines.

Call your friendly electrician

To ensure your electrical wiring is safe, or to remove any unwanted, unused, or old wiring, call your friendly electrician at Sparkies Electrical. Whilst at your home, the team at Sparkies Electrical is more than happy to give any hints and tips on child proofing your electrical items.

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