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Safety tips from your local Gold Coast electrician

Protect yourself and your family by taking the time to do a check around your home for electrical hazards. The most common hazards are typically found in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms.

Electrical safety around the home

Electricity is everywhere around the home. Here’s some simple hazards that could make your home unsafe.

  • Power points with too many plugs and adapters mean that your power point is doing too much work. You should never plug an adapter plug into another adapter plug. Running any more than 2 appliances from the same power point can cause it to overheat and start an electrical fire.
  • You should also check all power points to make sure plugs are pushed all the way in, and that switches or power points are not cracked, broken, or loose.
  • Water and electricity do not mix. Never leave electrical appliances next to the bath, sink, or a basin, even if they are not plugged in. Remember to also never touch appliances or power points with wet hands!
  • Check for damaged electrical appliances, broken, or frayed electrical cords.

Need additional or replacement power points? Contact Us for a free installation quote. We can even install USB plugs.

We can help you with all your household electrical needs

Our experienced team of electricians are fully qualified, experienced, reliable, and safety conscious. We promise the same level of service and expertise whether it’s for a single power point installation or wiring for q new home.

We give a free smoke alarm and safety audit with every service. Find out how our Electrical Services can help you.


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