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How can you save money and the planet all at the same time?

Since Covid hit we have spent more time at home than ever before, and that means higher electricity bills. Whilst the government has contributed towards the cost of many household’s electrical bills in the last 6 months, going forward it pays to be vigilant when it comes to power consumption.

Tips for saving power

At Sparkies Electrical on the Gold Coast we are all for conserving energy and reducing our carbon footprint, and there are some small adjustments you can make that won’t affect you much, but will make a big difference to your wallet.

During the summer months it can get hot and humid on the Gold Coast, before putting the air conditioning on try the ceiling fan, sometimes a nice blast of air movement can help make a room more comfortable. Why not try opening a window; a nice breeze can often cool a room down.

If it is hot and you are out for the day, close your curtains and keep the heat out.

Keep your fridge closed where possible. Every time you open your fridge door you are letting cool air out and your fridge needs to work hard to bring the temperature back down which sucks electricity.

I am sure your mother told you as a child to turn off appliances at the wall. Electrical goods on standby can be costly and you are basically paying for nothing, so start switching off appliances at the wall, and start saving.

Using white goods at off-peak times where possible can produce great savings. Turning the dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer and all those electrical goods on at non-peak times can save you $ $ $ $

Light bulbs can add a surprising amount to your electricity bill, investigate more energy efficient fittings and enjoy better lighting at lower running costs.

Check the energy efficiency of all your appliances, those that are sucking power might end up costing you more than a more modern replacement.

Solar Installation on the Gold Coast

Love your creature comforts and not wanting to watch your energy consumption too closely? Why not investigate solar installation. With so many government incentives, not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint, but your power bills too. Ask the team at Sparkies Electrical how we can potentially save you thousands each year.

Your Local Gold Coast Electrician

At Sparkies Electrical we can do an electrical health check on your home and appliances; we will make sure that your home is as safe and efficient as possible. The team at Sparkies Electrical is here to assist with all your electrical needs from air conditioning installation, data cabling, testing and tagging, hot water systems, rewiring, and much more.

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