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How can lower my electricity bill?

Whilst we usually take it for granted, electricity makes everyday life run much smoother; from the shower you take in the morning, to the kettle you boil to make your morning coffee, or the lights you turn on around your house, they are all powered by electricity.

Whilst we love using electricity, but no one likes the bill that comes every quarter.

At Sparkies Electrical on the Gold Coast we’ve put together some ideas that will help you to save money on your electricity bill.

Change Providers

If you’re not getting a discount with your current provider, shop around. Some companies give approximately 25% discounts for customers that sign up for a period of two years, that’s a massive saving!!

Energy Efficiency

Being energy efficient not only helps the environment, it can help your back pocket too. Buying appliances that are more energy efficient and changing your conventional lighting to LED lighting can help with conserving energy.

Be Mindful

Turn lights off when you leave a room and turn power off at the socket. Don’t waste electricity, by turning things off when they are not in use, you can save quite a lot off your bill.

Solar Installation

We are blessed with a beautiful subtropical climate here on the Gold Coast, so why not opt for a renewable source of energy for your power needs? Talk to our team of electricians about how we can slash your power bill, and with all the government incentives there has never been a better time to consider solar installation.

Make better choices

When it comes to your electricity needs sometimes it pays to get into good habits; when you are cold pull on a jumper instead of turning the heater on, when you are warm crank up the fans instead of going straight to the air conditioning.

When washing your clothes, use cold water instead of hot water. All the small changes can make a big difference.

Close doors and curtains

When you do have either the air conditioning or the heating on, closing the doors and curtains will help moderate the room temperature quicker.

Just ask your local electrician

Small changes can make a big difference. Why not talk to the team at Sparkies Electrical, we can discuss how to make your home more energy efficient and all the options that are open to you.

We’re your friendly team of local electricians.

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